Chapel Hill-Carrboro Sunrise Rotary Club

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Story Squad met with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Sunrise Rotary Club (at 7:15am, so the name is apt) to share how to “tell the Rotary story” more effectively. We shares stories, spoke about the shift in marketing from fear-based (“you’ve got a problem, and our product will solve it”) to association-based (“look who’s using our product”) to storytelling (“this story represents who our company is and what it does”).  We spoke about immersive stories, and how they capture the attention inside the story world and defeat our natural human tendency to be skeptical, dispassionate, and analytical (much like propaganda does), and then we covered numerous ways that we can improve our stories to increase the likelihood of people relating to our story characters and accepting our narratives.  Thank you Rotary for the chance to “talk story” with you!