Story Squad Joins Durham Read Local Festival

Read Local image

What happens when you mix together in a park setting, authors, performers, books, workshops, and biblio-enthusiasts?  Durham’s Read Local Festival!  What a marvelous idea!  Story Squad joined in the “celebrity reads” section of the festival to share a folktale from Indonesia.  Why storytelling at a reading festival?  Because, as our tagline states, “reading begins with hearing”!  And what better things to hear than stories that have withstood the test of time…LOTS of time.  The particular story we shared was about a stonecutter who wishes to be the most powerful thing in the world.  With a series of wishes, he transforms from his humble stonecutter status to become the king, the sun, the clouds, the wind, and a mountain, but each time he finds something that is stronger than himself.  As the mountain, he finds the stonecutter carving rocks from his base, and so his final wish is to return to the strongest thing he could ever be…himself!