Stories at the North Carolina Literary Festival


Yesterday, April 6th, Story Squad was featured in the main auditorium of the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library on the campus of North Carolina State University as part of the North Carolina Literary Festival.  We regaled the audience with stories from around the world, including the Chinese story of Liang and the Magic Paintbrush in which an artist’s drawings come to life until the emperor steals his paintbrush; the Norwegian story called Butterball in which a young boy and his mother outwit a troll-hag; the African story of Anansi and Turtle, in which the spider won’t share his dinner with turtle so turtle repays his “kindness” in kind; the Russian story of Grandfather Bear (a pourquoi tale of how chipmunk got its stripes); and a Hungarian tale, Rooster and the Diamond Button, in which a rooster with a magic stomach recovers his diamond button (and much more) from the Turkish sultan who has stolen it.

We had a wonderful time sharing stories and were delighted when one audience member said, “The highlight of the event for us was the storytelling session. THANK YOU so much for making our day special!”