Estes Hills Kindergarten Literacy Night

Story Squad storytellers, Holly Broman, Trent McLees, and Brian Sturm shared tales at Estes Hills as part of their Kindergarten Literacy Night.  We want to thank the organizers for sharing the pizza dinner with us (it was delicious)!  In the following pictures, you can see Holly finishing up the delightful story of The Wide-mouthed Frog, as the boastful amphibian realizes his big mouth is about to get him eaten by the crocodile; so he makes his mouth TINY and escapes…wiser and more humble.  In the second picture, children react to Trent’s gestures, as he shares the Native American story of the Origin of the Milky Way, when a Spirit Dog steals cornmeal from the Cherokee people.  They frighten him away, but as he returns to the sky, the cornmeal in his mouth spills out, creating the Milky Way.  Brian told the story of Abiyoyo the giant, from Africa, which is about a little boy (and a guitar) and his grandfather (and a magic stick) and how they outwit the giant and make him “zoooooop,” disappear.

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