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Campout!Carolina (Durham)

  • “I just wanted to say thank you again for volunteering your time for the Campout!Carolina. We were so happy to have you, and it was wonderful to hear you share your passion for storytelling with the community here in Durham. I’m sure it takes quite a bit of time to know and tell a story as well as you all did, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do that. You added something very unique and engaging to the experience.”


Estes Hills Elementary School (1st grade)

  • “Your stories are AWESOME. I wish you were my Dad!”
  • “I loved the two folktales that you told us because they were full of exciting events.  The “Jack” tale consisted of lies, trickery, humor, and many other awesome qualities.  The folktale about how strawberries were made taught us about forgiveness, sweetness, friendship, happiness, and creation.  I thought your storytelling performance was superior in all of these great ways.  I think that you are one of the greatest storytellers that I ever knew.”


Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Celebration (Baity Hill Family Housing)

  • “I wanted to thank you and your team for making our Dr. Seuss event AWESOME! The families that came were so happy and thankful. Your partnership is much appreciated!”


Storytelling Under the Stars at the Morehead Planetarium

  • “It was a lovely event…this is quickly becoming a much-looked-forward-to event for our family!”
  • “I have to say that this afternoon was great!  The storytellers did a great job and everyone in my family really enjoyed the program.”


Charles House

  • “Thank you for coming to Charles House to tell your wonderful stories.  We enjoyed the drama, the different character voices, and learning that different cultures have similar stories.”


First Baptist Church, Raleigh

  • “I just want to thank you for all the joy you brought us last Thursday.  Yours was the most delightful program we’ve ever had!”


North Carolina Literary Festival, Raleigh

  • “Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my grandchildren to the Literary Festival at North Carolina State University. The highlight of the event for us was the Story Squad storytelling session.  At dinner the children always rate their day from 1-10 and give the best thing about it.  For all of us the day was a 10, and then their highlights: my grandson – “Everything at the festival” [creative crafts, math, comic book making, and the story telling—best for last!]. Yes he listed off each one and described why they were great.  my granddaughter – crafts and story telling; she didn’t have a favorite—she liked them equally.  All three of us were mesmerized and engaged.  All of you were amazing.  I still can’t believe how you were all the sound effects, characters and narrator—so beautiful.  When we went to get the children’s prizes for filling their “passports,” and one of the staffers asked about my grandson’s day—he basically retold all three stories we listened to!   So THANK YOU so much for making our day special!”


Estes Hills Elementary School, Chapel Hill

  • Of Story Squad’s visits to the school each week, the first grade teachers said, “the students really look forward to it, they’re engaged while you’re here, they’re learning about story structure which helps us with our reading lessons, and they remember the stories long after you’ve told them.”  They felt that the students’ listening skills have improved (they are able to be more attentive/focused and for longer periods of time), they no longer wish to have pictures with their stories because many now prefer to visualize the story for themselves.