UNC Hospital School Visits Begin for Another Year

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Our collaboration with the UNC Hospital School to share stories once a month with children in the hospital is moving into its third year!  What a marvelous way to help children imagine new horizons by telling world folktales in this school, and when the children cannot make it to the schoolroom, we bring the stories to their bedside. Sometimes we cannot compete with their tablets or television programs, but often the children take a break from those forms of entertainment to be enchanted by a told story.  And sometimes our competition is not as steep. We had one young fellow recently who responded to the offer of hearing a story with a HUGE smile and real gusto.  “I really like your stories,” he explained, “but I’m in the middle of math homework, and I’d LOVE a break from that!”  Needless to say, he was an attentive listener for both reasons. A joy shared is a joy doubled!