Durham Center for Senior Life

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csc_mainlg2What a delightful experience we had today at the Durham Center for Senior Life.  The whole building was humming with activity: exercise classes, food, billiards, background live piano music.  And in the theater, Story Squad shared folktales from around the globe.  We laughed with (and at) Anansi the Spider from Africa, as he tried to outwit Turtle and avoid sharing his food.  We chuckled as Wicked John outwitted the Devil and tried to make his way into heaven (unsuccessfully) after he died.  The gentle story of the Cracked Little Water Pot touched the listeners with its deep sensitivity to how even the flaws in our natures can be useful.  As one listener remarked, “God puts you where you’re needed,” and another echoed this sentiment, “We all have a purpose.”  When the time was over, we were asked for “just one more.”  We were only too happy to oblige….