Summer Reading Workshop

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We visited Graham, NC and the Mayco Bigelow Community Center this morning to share a workshop on how to find, learn, and perform stories so that they become as enchanting as possible.  The audience was children’s librarians attending a summer reading workshop sponsored by the NC State Library (thanks Lori Special for your role in putting this together) and thanks to Michelle Mills for inviting us.  Now here’s the story: we arrived at the central library on S. Main Street before our session was to start (luckily) as the workshop was in the Bigelow center when we thought it was in the library.  So then the challenge was to get across town within the speed limit (mostly) before our session started at the new location.  We almost made it on time, but it just goes to show you that “the best laid plans often go awry”…now what story was that line from?  Well, since you asked….

The original is actually from Scottish poet Robert Burns’ poem To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up In Her Nest with the Plough (1785).  The original text is: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/ Gang aft agley.”